Friday, November 16, 2012

Fridays at The Gruver's

Fridays at The Gruver's 

So, today has been really good.  First I got to sleep in a little thanks to my sweet girl T then the first thing on the agenda was meeting my mom at what I call " The Supply House." For those that don't know, this is one of my favorite stores because it has every product imaginable for hair and nails and  I laugh because I'm pretty sure this is the main reason why I wanted to get my Cosmetology License.  It doesn't get better than professional level hair products. :) 

I  love going to CosmoProf (The Supply House) because usually I come home with a new product to try out! Today I came home with Joico's new hairspray - Power Spray. So far I love it. It is fast drying, firm hold but you still have flexibility with your hair. That is key with long hair...I don't want my hair to feel like a cement mold, but I want a good hold for those pesky fly-aways.  It is definitely in the running with Kenra 25 hairspray. 

After stocking my mom up with every hair product she will need to get her through the holiday's - we headed home because my grandparent's were on their way. You know when the day starts out at CosmoProf - the Gruver household is turned into the Beauty Shop for the day. 

My wonderful mamaw needed a perm and mom needed a little a color and cut before we leave for vacation on Sunday. Poor papaw - he became the broom boy.  

After all the craziness, I'm doing laundry and cleaning the house before we head off to Disney World on Sunday. Yes, I typed that correctly! I can't wait to see Taran's reaction to all the magic of DW! 

*Bonus - I got my necklace that I ordered for super cheap today in the mail. I love it when I get an unexpected surprise! Can't wait to wear this baby! 

Happy Friday! 

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