Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Diaper Deals

I am all about deals! Especially when it’s a deal on diapers, all you Moms know what I’m talking about.  Well this week I’ve hit the jack-pot and it’s even better than Amazon prices. So let me just tell you how I did it…
This Sunday’s coupons had multiple diaper coupons for Huggies. Manufacturer’s coupons as well as Target store coupons.  I was really pumped for Target’s because you can “stack” coupons there. But the real deal is at CVS this week.

CVS has their Huggies ‘Big Pack’ diapers on sale for $19.99 (normal price $23.99), as well as Huggies 3-pack wipes on sale for $5.99 (normal price $6.99). Then for every $30 you spend (before discounts taken) you get a $10 gift card.

So here is how I spent less than $13 bucks on a ‘Big Pack’ of diapers!

First trip to CVS –

2 Huggies Big Pack Diapers - $39.98
1 pack of Huggies Shea Butter wipes - $5.99
Total - $45.97
 -   0.75 – wipes coupon
  - 2.50 – diaper coupon
 -  2.00 – diaper coupon
- 3.00 – CVS in-store coupon
Total after savings - $ 37.72
+ $ 10.00 gift card for future purchase           

Second trip to CVS –

2 Huggies Big Pack Diapers - $39.98
1 pack of Huggies Shea Butter wipes - $5.99
Total - $45.97
 -   .50 wipe coupon
-  2.00 diaper coupon
2.00 diaper coupon
-  4.00 CVS in-store coupon
+ 10.00 CVS gift card
­­­­­­­­­­­­­Total after savings - $ 27.47
+ $ 10.00 gift card
Taking the two totals and the other $10 gift card I will have paid $55.19 for 4 Big Packs of Huggies Diapers and 2 3-packs of Huggies wipes.
Normal price on all items - $111.94
*** I saved $56.75 *** That’s over 50% savings!!!! 

Sunday, February 12, 2012

In the last 10 days...

Hey everyone - sorry its been awhile. I've been in the role of nurse. Taran has had RSV and Collin has had the adult version. Needless to say I've done more laundry, given more medicine, and slept very little these last 10 days than I can ever remember doing.

Praise Jesus - they are both feeling much better!

As I sit and write this Taran is laying on the ottoman talking to Collin and I. She is definitely going to be a girl with a lot to say. (She gets that from Collin!) But from this experience I would say that I would do anything for my daughter, it is a bond I cannot describe and I thank God for the opportunity to be a mother to Taran. She was such a trooper, hardly ever cried even though she was so miserable!

BIG THANKS to my parents and Collin's parents for all the help! From my Dad spending the night and staying up most of the night with her so I could sleep, to my Mom taking time to come and stay as well, even though my Papaw (her dad) was in the hospital. Then from Gary babysitting an extra day and Linda taking off work to watch Taran another day so she didn't have to go the babysitters.

In the last 10 days....
1. I will stay up for however long to hold my daughter so she is upright and can breath better.
2. Vomit - we've become good friends. (Taran was throwing up every feeding for about 4 days straight) Although it might be a different story once she is on solid food.
3. I had to give her Tylenol suppository' about feeling guilty
4. Bulb syringes are evil. (Even though they do help)
5. Boggie Wipes are the best invention since sliced bread.
6. I'm so glad she is starting to feel better!