Friday, March 23, 2012

Blow-dry Technique

Anybody ever wonder why your hair is so frizzy or maybe flat to your head....well, it all starts with how you blow-dry your hair! 

So here is a good process on how to avoid that crazy frizz and flat, limp hair!

1. If you towel dry that's fine - just don't rub your hair with the towel - that's the culprit of frizz!

2. Once you've gotten the excess water out - comb through your hair. Don't brush, brushing will result in a lot of breakage.

3. Apply product. (Volume - use a root lifter) (No Frizz - use a smoothing serum or cream)

4. Start to blow-dry - if you have coarse hair or it's thick, best to use high heat. If you have fine or thin hair use medium heat. 

5. Personal preference I blow-dry my hair upside down using my fingers until about half way dry then I grab my favorite paddle brush to add smoothness. Blow-drying upside down will add a lot of volume - especially if you used a root lifter! 

6. Always point the dryer away from your scalp. If you blow-dry towards your scalp that adds a lot of unwanted frizz! 

7. Once dry - before you flip your hair back over - give your whole head a cool shot. A cool shot will set your hair. (Think of it as - curls right after you use the curling iron - wait until it is cool to separate the curl and it will stay a lot longer) 

8. Finish styling with flat iron, curling iron, or leave as is! 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

She looks like her daddy!

So it’s been awhile since I’ve written a post – for that I’m sorry if you’ve been hanging by a thread waiting on my next post…hopefully you haven’t fallen yet because HERE IT IS!!
First and foremost – my child looks like her daddy – no question about it! Want proof….is this enough for you…

 Collin Gruver at 3 months old

Taran Gruver at 4 months old 

Secondly….T-Mak has now started eating solids. Her first food was bananas! She loved them, after figuring out how to use her tongue and keep it in her month.

So far she has tried bananas, apples, sweet potatoes, peas, and carrots. On the menu next week is peaches, mango, and avocado! I’m making all of her food so we can save money and it’s healthier plus I enjoy doing it.
If it’s not obvious – I am head-over-heals for my little girl. Her sweet smile and laugh gets me every time.
Since starting solids, she has also started to roll over from her stomach to back. It’s so incredible to watch her learn new things each day.   

Okay okay…I’ll stop now. But have no fear more will come later, I assure you.

Next post – HAIR!!