Friday, March 23, 2012

Blow-dry Technique

Anybody ever wonder why your hair is so frizzy or maybe flat to your head....well, it all starts with how you blow-dry your hair! 

So here is a good process on how to avoid that crazy frizz and flat, limp hair!

1. If you towel dry that's fine - just don't rub your hair with the towel - that's the culprit of frizz!

2. Once you've gotten the excess water out - comb through your hair. Don't brush, brushing will result in a lot of breakage.

3. Apply product. (Volume - use a root lifter) (No Frizz - use a smoothing serum or cream)

4. Start to blow-dry - if you have coarse hair or it's thick, best to use high heat. If you have fine or thin hair use medium heat. 

5. Personal preference I blow-dry my hair upside down using my fingers until about half way dry then I grab my favorite paddle brush to add smoothness. Blow-drying upside down will add a lot of volume - especially if you used a root lifter! 

6. Always point the dryer away from your scalp. If you blow-dry towards your scalp that adds a lot of unwanted frizz! 

7. Once dry - before you flip your hair back over - give your whole head a cool shot. A cool shot will set your hair. (Think of it as - curls right after you use the curling iron - wait until it is cool to separate the curl and it will stay a lot longer) 

8. Finish styling with flat iron, curling iron, or leave as is! 

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