Sunday, June 10, 2012

Hello Apple!

Holy cow, when I logged in tonight and realized it has been almost 3 months since I have blogged -I thought how are you all living life without my so-insightful posts? So...I must remedy that immediately!

I have moved into the world of Apple products!

It first started when I wanted a kindle because of how much I love to read. After some research, the hubby and I thought it was in our best interest to save up for an iPad. Needless to say - I've not been disappointed. I was able to pay cash for my new iPad 3 the day it came out!

Next was my Mac Mini. My HP laptop that I bought in 2007 began to black screen every time I turned it on and my computer was our home computer and even with my new iPad I still find that working on a computer for different projects is WAY easier. The Mac Mini is half the cost of the cheapest Apple laptop and since I had my iPad I really wanted to stay with Apple. I also didn't mind having something more stationary because my iPad is so portable. Another great feature is that we already had a TV in the office and you can connect your Mac Mini via HDMI so I didn't need to buy a new monitor! So we were able to save money but get what we want!

Lastly, just last week I got my new cell phone. Yes, I got a 4s iPhone! Probably my most favorite thing about my phone is my otter box! Thanks to Amazon - it is orange & camo! Thankfully I haven't lost it yet when it's camo side up! :)

Coolest thing about going Apple - we paid cash for everything! Thanks Dave Ramsey!

Check it all out at

What apple product did I write this post on is the big question??

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