Friday, November 30, 2012

Fridays at The Gruver's

1. Taran and I got to hear Kalin's heartbeat today at the doctor's office.  Everything is going good and my due date is still April 27 even though he is measuring small.

2. I really wanted to put up christmas lights this year on the house. In previous years I've only done around the front door and our tree in the front yard. So, Taran and I took off to Hobby Lobby after our appointment and got lights, clips, more decorations for our mantle, and this handy poll - that was worth every buck!

3. I had a coupon for a free item at Bath & Body Works and I really needed some new wallflowers. I've not had much luck with the plug-ins lately - they will work for a few months and then they stop diffusing. So aggravating!! But I'm loyal - so off I go to buy a few more. Well, my favorite thing that I got was my free item - Aromatherapy Foam Bath Lavender Chamomile for Sleep. It smells amazing and makes you feel wonderful. (If I could, I might just take at least 2 bubble baths a day! It is one of my simple pleasures in life!)

4. While Taran took her afternoon nap, I hung the lights. That must have been a sight for everyone that passed by! It's not quite finished but not too shabby!

5. Finished up the day going on a double date (including kids) with my sister Sarah, her husband Tyler and my nephew Lincoln in downtown Indy. We went to Buca di Beppo for dinner and then walked around looking at christmas lights.

*Bonus - I redesigned my blog! What do you think?  Let me know!

Enjoy the weekend! 

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  1. the new blog and your christmas lights look great, mary!!! :)