Thursday, November 29, 2012

Skyfall 007 - OPI Collection

Skyfall 007 – First off, I think this was the best James Bond movie in a long time. Second, I love it when OPI comes out with nail polish collections that coincide with movies. This collection celebrates 50 years of James Bond films.  

So of course, I had to go get a new polish. My pick – The World Is Not Enough. I wanted a polish with a little sparkle for the holidays. The World Is Not Enough has just enough sparkle but not so much that it looks tacky. This shade is a silver/pink glitter. It’s definitely looks better versus me trying to describe what color the glitter is.  Plus, I can’t tell you the last time I wore a sparkly/glitter polish, but it’s all the rage this season. Plus, they have great names; I want that job – coming up with clever nail polish names. I think that would be pretty fun!

Here are all the colors in the Skyfall 007 line – 

 Here is what it looks like on my nails! (minus my thumb)

 Happy Polishing!

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