Monday, January 21, 2013

Deals & Steals

I'm always up for good deals. My household couldn't survive without deals, coupons, etc. I'm by no means an extreme coupon lady, but I do my fair share of deal findings.

Here are a couple of strategies that I use on a weekly bases....

- Never pay full price!!! It's not worth it and if you take the time to look and search - I'm guarantee that you will find it for cheaper or something comparable for a lot cheaper. 

- Always check Amazon. It is well worth paying for Amazon Prime (if you are a student - you can get the subscription for cheaper) If you sign up for Amazon Mom, plus use their Subscribe & Save you can save, save, save!! Example purchases - diapers, Christmas presents (Relic Watch), windshield wipers, baby wipes, & textbooks. (Don't forget - you can "clip" coupons on Amazon as well)

- Plastic Jungle: Sell and purchase gift cards or ecards. Look for odd amounts because you get a better savings. Example - Regal Entertainment ecard valued at $15 and I purchased it for $11. Then I had a $2 off coupon to use at the box office. Final price for 1 movie ticket and popcorn - $9!!!! Yes, please!!

- Target Red Card - It's their debit card and anytime you use it you get 5% off your total purchase. Then always check for Target coupons on - I have saved a lot with combining both deals.

- Call your cable, internet, cell phone providers and ask for a lower rate. They want to keep your business and they will usually knock off some $$$ if you throw the card "I can get it for cheaper through another provider." Unfortunately, it's usually only a 6 month promotion so you will have to keep calling to renew the promotion.

I would love to know some of your deals & steals!!! 

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