Friday, December 21, 2012

Homemade Heating/Cooling Rice Bags

This year we at work all the assistants wanted to get creative with gift giving. So we set one rule – what you give must be homemade.

After much thought and scavenging through my supplies I decided on making homemade rice bags. Who doesn’t need a portable heating pad?? If I could afford the rice I would make a sleeping bag size so I could snuggle down inside of it. Oh, what a happy place that would be.

Size – 8in x 17in – I wanted them long enough to fit around their shoulders.

What you’ll need:
-          2 yards of material (I did 1yd of matching materials)
-          2 yards of flannel (Snuggle flannel was 60% off and it worked perfectly)
-          Sewing machine
-          Scissors
First I  cut out all my material. From 2 yards of fabric I was able to cut enough strips for 12 bags.  

After that, I took the strips and layered them in such order - 

Decorative Material
Decorative Material (they need to be facing each other)

Now sew around all edges, but leave enough of an opening to where you can turn the material right-side out and fill with rice. 

Fill with rice. ( I filled mine half way full) 

Aldi's - $1.69 a bag 
Finish by sewing it closed! 

Ready to enjoy!! 

Heating - 2 minutes on high in microwave
Cooling - at least 2 hours in freezer 

Make a homemade gift this year! I promise, whoever gets it will love it! 

Merry Christmas!! 


  1. I'm glad you didn't use brown rice in your bags. Much healthier to eat brown- use the white for the heating pad-bags

  2. I totally wish I would have saw this about a month ago..I totally would have loved to make them..they would have been great for our family, who always need to go to the chiropractor! Love it!

  3. Save it for next Christmas or Birthdays!!