Sunday, July 8, 2012

Front Door Decor

Front Door Decor -

So this craft project started with a plan wooden "G" and after some searching on Pinterest and my house this is what I came up with!!

Total cost - $ 4.00

Wooden letter - $1
Fence - $1 
Elmer glue - $2 

Have I mentioned that I love cute things that are cheap! 

I already had the buttons, scrap paper, and fancy twig! Plus I made my own mod-podge! Equal parts Elmer's glue and water with a little shaking involved! 

I mod-podged the paper and then buttons onto the wooden letter, then hot glued it to the wooden fence and added the pretty twigs! 

It's hung on a small 3M hook. 

Hope this inspires you to create something great!! 

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  1. loooove it! let's have a craft day together soon :)